Ric Bianchi is a talented and versatile instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass) and vocalist who has performed for more than 25 years and covers a diverse, in-depth playlist of musical stylings including Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Latin, Motown, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, and Classical repertoire. Over the course of his career, Ric has had the honor of playing with major artists and important sideman, including Bebop Trombonist JJ Johnson, Jazz Saxophonist Ernie Watts, Bassist Steve Rodby, Drummer Harold Jones and Blues Guitarist John Primer.  In addition, he has chaired the music department at a Community College, performed numerous studio dates, and served as music director for two large churches. Ric is a dedicated and gifted music teacher with an in depth knowledge of American Music in the the 20th century. He holds a BA in music, studying at the acclaimed University of North Texas, while finishing his final year at Northern Iowa, as well as a Masters in Music from Northern Illinois University.

You can contact Ric at 815.784.4632 or email, beyondkey2000@yahoo.com

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