Ric Bianchi is a talented and versatile instrumentalist (Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drums) and Vocalist who has performed for more than 25 years ( over 2500 shows ) and covers a diverse, in-depth playlist of musical stylings including Blues, Rock, Latin, Country, Boogie, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Bluegrass and Classical repertoire. Over the course of his career, Ric has had the honor of playing with major artists and important sideman, including Bebop Trombonist JJ Johnson, Jazz – R & B Saxophonist Ernie Watts, Fusion Bassist Steve Rodby, Drummer Harold Jones, Blues Guitarist John Primer and Funk Drummer Rick Latham.  In addition, he has chaired a music department at a Community College, performed numerous studio dates, served as music director for three large churches, as well as, principal accompanist at several other places of worship. Ric is a dedicated and gifted private & classroom music teacher with an in depth knowledge of American Music in the the 20th century.  He studied at the University of North Texas, finishing at Northern Iowa with a BA in Music and a received a Masters in Music from Northern Illinois University.

You can contact Ric at 815.784.4632 or email, beyondkey2000@yahoo.com

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