Ric has taught all ages and all styles on both piano, guitar and bass.  He believes in teaching to the individual and guiding the student along in their progress.  He has taught at the collegiate level on guitar, piano, bass and even percussion, in applied and class instruction.  For over 20 years he has taught private lessons to small children, teens, adults and to seniors.  Ric believes any one can learn to play and everyone has something to contribute to music.  Whether it be a course method for a beginning 5-year-old piano student,  a teen wanting to play pop, rock or country guitar, a serious college student learning classical or jazz, or just an adult who always wanted to relax and learn to play piano or guitar – Ric is comfortable with it all.

Students have their choice of weekly half hour or hour lessons, in his studio located in Genoa, Illinois.  Ric can also accommodate families with two or more siblings ( or even Dad too!)  wanting to take either piano, guitar or bass.

You can contact Ric at 815.784.4632 or email, beyondkey2000@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Hi Ric- my 10 year old son is interested in piano lessons. We’d like prices for your 30 min and hour long lessons please. He has been going to sycamore for a year and is in book #2 so still a beginner. We are interested in staying in Genoa. Thank you for the info 🙂
    The Swider Family

  2. My husband talked to you about guitar lessons for our nine years old daughter and our friend let her use his electric guitar and would love for her to start lessons. Please let me know when you have some evening times available . Tia

  3. Was looking for someone to continue with my daughters guitar lessons she is 10 and has a electric guitar . Her teacher now is a professor and will be teaching night classes this year ,so we need to stop her lessons she just started over the summer so is new at it but really wants to continue. Tia

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